OOO «Inter-Freight» performs freight operations by all means of transportation including truck, railroad, sea, air. Considering increasing demand in mixed or combined shipments, we can offer inter- and multimodal transportation depending on the client's goals and demands.

We focus to provide individual approach to each customer and minimize client's involvement in the process of transportation.

Fast and professional services by OOO "Inter-Freight" have earned it a reputation of a reliable partner. Effective cooperation of company's structures allows rendering services of highest level. We'll take care to solve every issue that relates to transportation and minimize in the best possible way client's involvement in obtaining necessary paperwork, agreements, certificates, etc.


Transportation by railroad

Container transportation by railroad takes avail of clear and proven networks which makes such transportation highly reliable and convenient. We can transport by railroad almost all types of cargo and offer our clients full spectrum of services in logistics, transportation and forwarding. If you require quality and speed in using railroads to deliver cargo to any destination, you are welcome to use our experience and know-how.

We offer

  • container transportation across Russia and abroad;
  • arranging transportation by container trains;
  • transportation of any cargo across Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia using single and grouped shipments;
  • r/r transit of cargo from Europe to Asia via Russia and CIS;
  • repacking of cargo at border crossing points from Russian wagons to European ones;
  • warehouse and terminal services;
  • transportation of perishable goods in special refrigerated containers.


Transportation by sea

International marine transport is safe, comparatively inexpensive and offers cargo carriage to all continents. Thanks to our direct contacts with ship-owners we can guarantee our clients optimal combinations and rates which will help avoid paying extra fees. Our clients receive clear information with shipping dates, container's arrival times to warehouse, container's location at any point on cargo's route.

We offer

  • container transportation by sea;
  • servicing (agenting) ships;
  • affreightment  (chartering) ships;
  • surveyor services;
  • freight forwarding;
  • solving issues with customs in countries of departure and destination;
  • cargo insurance for the whole transportation period or only for transportation by sea;
  • transportation of perishable products in special refrigerated containers;
  • cargo processing in port.


Transportation by truck

Truck transportation is the most convenient and prompt mode of transportation of differently sized cargos for any distances. Truck transportation is very popular thanks to its «cost per transportation time» ratio, possibility to select optimal route and most fitting vehicle for any specific shipment and ability to deliver cargo «door to door».

OOO «Inter-Freight» has long proven relationships with over 20 partners who specialize in truck transportation. Thus we can offer our clients truck transportation of both small and large size cargos across Russia and abroad. We can help You select the most fitting vehicle to solve even the most complex transportation challenge.

Our carriers are experienced professionals who have reputation of competent and reliable partners.

  • Transportation companies have all necessary permits, CMR insurance.
  • Modern trucks are used which comply with European standards.
  • Contract obligations are followed.
  • Professional drivers.
  • Trucks are equipped with mobile communication and satellite equipment.

We offer

  • all types of transportation by truck including international and transit;
  • prompt and competent response to any issue that may arise;
  • transportation of cargo of any hazard class, heavyweight and oversized cargo and perishable goods;
  • assistance in selecting fitting vehicle and optimal route;
  • assistance with insurance;
  • assistance in clearing cargo through the customs;
  • services in transportation status tracking.


Transportation by air

Transportation by aircraft is one of the fastest and most convenient means of transportation. Sometimes air transport is the only means to deliver goods to remote locations on our planet. It is also the most appropriate means of transportation of perishable goods for long distances such as fish, fruits, flowers, etc.

We offer

  • transportation by air of various types of cargo to any location on the planet;
  • consulting on all matters related to transportation by air;
  • solving customs clearing issues;
  • warehouse and terminal services;
  • assistance with insurance;
  • quality service by skilled experts;
  • drawing up complete documents package necessary to send the cargo.


Less than container load (LCL) shipments

LCL shipping services are very popular. They are particularly convenient when small cargo needs to be transported which doesn't fill whole truck or container. By combining several smaller cargos from different clients into one grouped shipment delivery can be reliable and cost-efficient. As a rule, such cargo is easier to deliver "door to door" and its cost is not very high. We recommend LCL shipping to be used by companies that frequently need to deliver smaller cargos.

We offer

  • all types of freight transportation including international and transit;
  • prompt and competent response to any issues that may arise;
  • help in selecting suitable transportation means and optimal delivery route;
  • help in clearing cargo through the customs;
  • assistance with insurance;
  • assistance in obtaining various types of certificates;
  • services in tracking status of shipment;
  • quality service by skilled professionals.


Forwarding in port

OOO «Inter-Freight» performs intra-port freight forwarding. We have long-term agreements with large freight terminals of St.Petersburg harbor: «First container terminal», «Severnaya Verf», «Petrolesport», «First stevedoring company», «Second stevedoring company» and others. Our company has own offices inside ports which allows to promptly perform repacking and transhipment.

We offer

  • all types of loading and unloading works and all types of storage;
  • repacking, cargo adjustment;
  • tally and surveyor services;
  • inspection by governmental agencies and licensing organizations;
  • cargo documenting in transshipment points, points of departure and destination in all agencies.


Additional services

  • А

    Insuring of cargo, transportation risks, selection of optimal package of risk insurance

    We help client define against what and how to best insure the cargo, provide for drawing up all needed documents, solve complex issues.

  • Б


    We assist in obtaining various certificates: compliance certificates, sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, certificate of passage of goods.

  • В

    Cargo fragmentation

    If for any reason client needs to divide cargo into parts, we perform cargo fragmentation. This is necessary when, for example, goods delivered to warehouse must be further delivered to different locations, when separated delivery is more convenient, etc.

  • Г

    Goods marking

    If required by client, we can mark goods in temporary warehouses.

  • Д


    If needed, we can repack goods when moving from one means of transportation to another.

  • Е

    Help in customs clearance

    By involving skilled licensed partners we can assist in solving issues that are related to customs agencies in countries of departure and destination.