Types of containers

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Geography of services

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agreement to charter a ship for a voyage or a number of voyages for a specified time.

Intermodal transportation

is using two or more different modes of transport to move outsized cargo but using one and the same load unit (for example, container) or an auto vehicle without reloading outsized cargo when changing transport modes. For example, outsized cargo is delivered by a vehicle in a container which is further reloaded to the ship. Intermodal transport is also called multimodal, mixed or combined transport. The specifics of such outsized cargo transportation is that it uses a single transport contract. The responsibility for the transportation of outsized cargos is placed on a single operator of intermodal network or a transport company which is performing intermodal transportation. Operator guarantees and coordinates interaction of the whole chain in outsized cargo transportation.

Multimodal transport

is the most complex type of transportation when two or more modes of transport are used in various combinations and where the following are accurately calculated and coordinated:

— optimal mode and route of transportation;
— time and place of transport delivery;
— time and place of cargo reloading;
— temporary safe cargo storage;
— depending on the complexity and needs of client, different additional services are provided;
— single transport-forwarding company performs the shipment and takes full financial and legal responsibility for the given specific shipment.

Repacking of cargo

is transferring the cargo from one mode of transportation to another.

Surveyor service

is independent evaluation of cargo's quality and quantity, as well as inspection and examination of means of transportation (ships, containers, vehicles, wagons), evaluation of quality of stowage and cargo securing during transportation, average commissioner, assistance services during loading and unloading works (marking, cargo separation, etc.) and consulting. Surveyor services are used when disagreements and claims are raised between interested parties as well as to avoid such issues.

CMR insurance

is insuring of carrier's responsibility for full or partial loss of cargo or its damage during transportation which is implemented according to Convention for the International Carriage of goods.

Ship agency service

is when a principal who is a ship-owner or ship-charterer designates for an agent who will represents and protect principal's interests at ports. Designated activities are fulfilled by the agent on behalf of the principal and relate to very wide spectrum of issues. It includes agreeing with port services time and procedure to provide a berth for a ship, cargo processing, complying with quarantine, customer and border control procedures, drawing up necessary paperwork and more. There can be agents for marine transport and freight agents. Agents for marine transport specialize in coordinating shipments of exported and imported goods by sea. Their responsibilities include drawing up transport, insurance and customs paperwork, monitoring of loading, unloading and safety of cargo during transportation, taking measures to verify cargo's damage, etc. Freight agents find available cargo space on a ship; enter into transportation contracts or ship chartering contracts on behalf of consignor.